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001/365 - Starting the year off right, with a photowalk!002/365 - Ruthless game night with the fam003/365 - This says it all...004/365 - Teaching Ashton how to play Speed005/365 - Couldn't resist the gorgeous light tonight006/365 - It's been a LONG day-time to relax.  (Side note- I spilled my drink right after this pic)007/365 - Really missing Mom tonight008/365 - These eyes get me every time!009/365 - Gorgeous sunset tonight.  Had to pull over on the way home.010/365 - The daily reminder from my planner.011/365 - Kids having some fun playing Just Dance012/365 - Winter really is pretty.  Just wish it was warmer!013/365 - The ice was so awesome today!014/365 - Interesting sky tonight015/365 - Got Wisdom?016/365 - Hot cocoa and my fav movie017/365 - The view on the way home today018/365 - Saturday mornings with Hershey!019/365 - This sunshine is so deceiving. It certainly isn't making it any warmer here!020/365 - I wonder if I make the same face when I snap a good one!